Bohemian Clothing

Bohemian wanderlust free spirit vagabond gypsy style connected by fashion . Bohemian fashionista caftans, boho chic maxi dresses, gypsy maxi skirts tunics and embellished designs that connect to old tribal nomadic patterns and fabrics, recycled handmade and loose comfortable clothing..

A boho top usually becomes the key item of your bohemian style clothing outfit. They are typically hip length and slightly loose fitting made in natural fabrics.

The highlight of your ensemble , tunics can be worn as dresses or casual coverups at the resort!



Funky Bohemian dresses are such a fashion statement. These are both vintage styled and modern fitted and loose or oversized and some are embellished with designs. Stonewashed soft fabrics maxi dresses in varied colors and designs for the holidays or travel.

For a modern twist also try tunic boho dresses with leggings or jeans or take to the beach as coverups.

A boho chic black dress is enough to "bohemianize" with boho-inspired jewelry, printed scarves and other tribal jewelry accessories.

Typical boho designs are paisley, Ikat, Batik and florals in rich and earthy colors in ethnic and folk style, enhance your bohemian style


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