Festival season is around the corner and brings with it in full force the high-octave crowds, star performances, and an insane freedom to enjoy life to its fullest.
Lets chanel out some festival outfits with the new arrivals in wrap skirts and patchwork pirate pants, all handmade and one of a kind. Dressing up in boho hippie chic style is part of the fun, and you don't need to worry about what to wear as these funky harem pants, maxi dresses fit the festival vibe.
Create your personal statement with beautiful recycled silk dresses, asymetrical hemline strapdresses are perfect for pirate festivals. Feel and look your best, your inner happiest self, and have the best time of your life in easy to style boho dresses and kimono maxidresses.
Plan your outfit around the festival's location and the weather. Easy to wear slip on kimono maxidresses are a forefront in the name of comfort. Stay with breathable materials like cotton, lightweight silk for hot weather, and if your headed for cool temperatures then go for layeringthe kaftans over sweaters and leggings.
Whether you're headed to Gasparilla, Coachella, Ibiza, Lollapalooza, or beyond come checkout the beautiful skirts and dresses at Mogul Interior.
Bohemian styles with flowy maxi skirts and dresses, kimono kaftans, and flower crowns are always popular at music festivals like Coachella, but this year bralettes with wide jeans and shorter hemlines with focus on the midriff is expected.Soft and flowy bohemian looks paired with psychedelic prints, lace, and mix in Western cowboy boots will give you the edgy style. 
Music festivals are about breaking the norm and experimenting with vibrant colors and flamboyant styles. This year, go stronger as we celebrate life and it vicariousnes. Boho, bold and beautiful, the brighter the better, mix and match handmade patchwork pirate pants with skimpy tops, backless sexy dresses with chunky books and lets go wild!!!!

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