To genuinely make a house a home, it needs a few special touches. It needs strong character, individual style and it needs to feel great. Indian antique furniture is an awesome approach to include unique appeal in a global environment. With hundreds of years of rich social foundation India has for quite some time been known for it's flavors, it's design and it's furniture. The Indian adorning style favors dark woods, rich hues and bejeweled embroidered works of art.

Indian fabrics are well known for the abundance of their hues and the intricateness their designs. This implies when choosing your Indian old fashioned furniture, you should be aware of the space you plan to place it in. Likewise be careful of what colors you put on the walls surrounding your Indian antique furniture. Use vibrant colored curtains, tapestries and the cushion covers which goes with it.

Indian antique furniture works well with several other decorating styles like Maximalist, Spanish, British Colonial, Tuscan and Southern. These include modern and urban styles and well as an Asian theme. When trying to match a piece or several pieces to the style of your home, it helps if you plan out architectural items first and then the furniture items.

Unique items like damchias or Indian tribal sideboards are colorful and rich statements of history. Old palace teak carved columns with stone bases from Jaipur give you a feel of the old world. Antique doors and arches create a Haveli ambiance and are stunning with their historic character.

Mogul Interior architecturals and antique furniture from the land of Exotic India.


Arched Double Door Storage Turquoise Small Cabinet


Eclectic Carving Rustic Blue Cabinet


Vintage Indian Hand Carved Green Bookcase


Rustic Indian Floral Carved Top Entrance Door


Vintage Teak Window Terrace Arched Mehrab Door


Eclectic Indian Antique Window Frame Brown 18c


Indian Antique Cabinet Armoire Chakra Carving Rustic


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