Antique Indian Inspired Interiors, Rajput Indian Royalty's Haveli Style interiors, featuring vintage architectural elements as the framework of contemporary mansions, abound with character and instill an atmosphere of history, tradition, and timeless charm.
Vastu, the ancient text of interior design, which was scripted by ancient sacred scholars, guides the course for each of our traditions. Its principles hold that the home is a living, breathing entity, whose energy one can synchronize to elevate one's own vibrations. Our designs are influenced by a culture that amalgamates Antique Inspired Unique Eclectic Interiors, Rajput Royalty, Mughal, and Colonial British aesthetics.
Antique hope trunks combined with teak British cupboards with peg legs and patchwork tapestries sewn together in a conglomeration of nomadic shades.This rare, 1800s antique Indian Hope Chest boasts a rustic, carved design, with wooden wheels added for ease. Perfect for Spanish Country, Ranch or Boho homes, this bridal trunk is steeped in tradition, originally filled with treasures and gifted to the bride at the time of her wedding. Detailed with original hardware, a top-lifting lid, and an eye-catching, dark brown patina, this Mughal era vintage Indian Trunk is an eclectic storage piece for any home. The chest rolls on hand-carved wooden wheels, and features alternating carved squares with chakra, and medallion accents. Come view our curtaed collection of antique bridal trunks at Mogul Interior, Florida
The Antique Indian Inspired Interiors style marries antique furniture from around the world to artisanal accents, in order to evoke rustic, earthy hues and evoke a journey through history. Spanish doorways, ancient arches intricately carved with symbols of the sun, and one-of-a-kind artifacts all contribute to a timeless aesthetic with a powerful energy.
The furniture is shaped with intricate floral silhouettes and has a weathered patina. Indian armoires boast brass and iron ornamentation, providing an earthy feel. Damchias, antique spice chests, are characterized by vibrant colors and mirror decoration.
Additionally, old door tables, vintage carved sideboards and accent tables add to the mix of ancient Indian treasures. Jewel-tone tapestries and washed-out vintage rugs and pillows create a bohemian ambience.
An eclectic interior inspired by antique and vintage furnishings has no set parameters. Whether a minimalist or maximalist design prevails, vintage pieces are essential.

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