The impact of a global wanderer on fashion, the design world is exploding in a bohemian bonanza. The marriage of brilliant nomadic components with modern fashion is raging the runways with vagabond prints and bold colors seen in cotton patchwork skirts and harem pants.

Living up the natural style the fashion world is abounding with handmade fabrics, and shapes are getting exotic but inclined towards free flowing design like maxi kaftans. The bohemian caftan is about comfort, beautiful prints inspired from cultures and contemporary design that makes its own statement. The emphasis is now is on easy styling, boho chic is about common sense; comfort gets more significance than shape. Bohemian chic has a carelessly put together vibe with elusive elegance.

Greek Bohemian Chic mixes hotness into boho looks, with a halter maxidress handmade from recycled silks. Secure it at the midriff or wear flowing with the wind. Slip into warrior heels, chunky malas with evil eye beads jewelry, and draw out your inner goddess with an interlaced Grecian hairdo.

Tribal Native Boho prints and handloom fabrics made into tunic shirts and patchwork tiered skirts make a boho statement of comfortable ease , the multi hued patchwork wrap skirts are so fun and travel friendly. Indigenous old textiles from Gujrat and recycled sari silks add to mindful fashion, keeping in mind earth's limited resources.

Egyptian Chic is a delicate and organized look inspired by sand rises and glorious pyramids. Oversized dresses, kaftans, long cotton tunics with embellishments. Color palette is neutral colors, crisp cream, copper, muddy khakis and earthy browns. Pick tribal necklaces with brilliant turquoise or garnet stones.

Aztec Warrior Chic fuses the impacts of animal prints and henna tattoos of Indian tribes with fabrics like khadi, handloom, vintage silk and cotton for combination to fashion with an edge. Match a tiedye straight wrap skirt and halter top, patchwork harem trousers with oversized kimono tunics and accessorize with beads and artisan jewelry.
Bollywood Desi Chic is a fusion of Indian Tunics and kurti dresses in botanical prints, with long slits on the side. Short silk embroidered tunics with denim shorts and a colorful scarf. Loose sari pants worn high waist or double fold when you want to shake a leg to groovy bollywood music. Stack the mala bracelets around your wrist and you are super desi chic.

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