A kaftan is a term that is familiar to many in the fashion world but may be confusing to others due to its broad definition. With this guide to bohemian kaftans, we break down its description and give information that helps define what this timeless clothing means.

Maxi Kaftans are a beautiful fashion garment and were linked with royalty in Egyptian and Roman cultures. Exotic fine cottons, silk fabrics and spectacular embellishments were utilized in European kaftans exhibiting originality and unique craftsmanship. The statement of the Kaftan's comfort and luxury, make it a popular style.
In the 70s the kaftan was popularized as a garment for its comfort attraction and multicolored designs. Beach kaftan dresses have become synonymous with travels, vacations, resort wear, and generally sitting around  after well-known designers and celebrities like  included them in their summer and fall season designs.
These colorful kaftan outfits have begun to transcend use not only as fashion items but as occasion wear and day-to-day wear as well, with bright, vibrant colors & unique print designs referencing traditional, Southwest, and South Asian cultures fused with cooler palettes & styles. Herw is some style advice!
Many of you will be afraid of being lost in a kaftan because of its loose fit and maximum fabric usage. Unlike in the past, when kaftans were "free size," Mogul Interior offers caftans in different sizes. This means you can choose styles ranging from S (small) to 3XL by matching the size chart to your dimensions. As a result, your figure will be highlighted without sacrificing style.

Traditionally, kaftans were loose-fitting and intended for resort and loungewear. We've added lots of new segments to help first-time customers like you find the perfect style as Sheer Kaftan Loungers, Maxi Beach Caftan and Resort Wear, Kaftan Tunics with side slits, Kaftan Maternity Wear, are just a few of the styles available. Essentially, a kaftan that may be dressed for any purpose.

Because kaftans are identified with comfort, choosing the appropriate fabric can make all the difference. This is why we only use the cotton, brethable viscose, recycled silk, and modal fabrics, which ensure optimal ventilation and comfort.

The kaftan may appear basic at first glance, yet it is an extremely adaptable garment. And today, with the diversity of kaftans we provide, be sure to complement with the right handbag, necklace, belts, and footwear for the look you want to achieve. We're confident that a kaftan will complement whatever style you desire.

Kaftans are a multipurpose, attractive and versatile clothing. As a first-time buyer, we hope to have alleviated your concerns and look forward to your first kaftan experience with us!


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