Bringing ethnic and cultural influences from distant climes, a vintage bridal chest the traditional damchiya, crafted from reclaimed materials provides an artistic centerpiece for boho-chic rooms. With an old-world aesthetic, the handmade Damchiya is a functional console table with hidden storage, and a unique mid-door latch to add an element of rustic charm.
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The narrow damchia, traditional hall chest offers an ideal platform for potted plants or a floral display. Damchiyas typically feature full sculpting, varying by region of origin (e.g. southern India, Gujarat, Rajasthan, or even Himachal in northern India). Commonly, these traditional pieces may have reliefs of tribal women carrying jars of water on their heads, and stylized horse heads may be present at the corners.
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Plates crafted from iron metal and minuscule mirrors of an inch or less may also be included, though these mirrors may not remain intact over time.With its ornately carved, colorful designs of nomadic tribes, the damchiya also serves as a vessel for holistic healing energies, providing positive vibes and warding off ill omens. Intentional living and decorating with old world elements allow us to benefit from the powerful vibration of the universe. 
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Authentic damchiyas will have a hidden compartment, sometimes including a concealed entrance for storing delicate possessions such as jewels.
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The damchiya was historically associated with the bride's lineage, and featured motifs such as horses, peacocks and other decorations. The chest would be filled with luxurious items, like silver, silk saris, and gold or silver jewelr that the brides parents gifted her. Upon arriving at her new home, the bride would place the damchiya in the couple's bedroom, signifying her arrival and providing storage for necessities. Carrying with the damichia are the dreams of a new bride, happiness and blessings from her parents.Come experience these beautiful artifacts at Mogul Interior, FL
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