In summer's hot temperatures, having a few garments to wear comfortably is essential. Of all the fashionable alternatives, the caftan "kaftan" proves to be the most reliable and ideal choice.
The graceful, loose fit of the kaftan exudes effortless sophistication and provides breathability and coverage. There is an abundance of design options, from different lengths to fabric types to a broad range of colors—so each woman can find the perfect kaftan for her unique style. See how these fashionable women rock their kaftans in the heat and browse our selection now.
A kaftan is an ankle-length, loose-fitting garment with long, flowing sleeves and buttons. Muumuu is a brightly-patterned, lightweight dress of similar length and fit. As Summer approaches, adding fashionable kaftans to your wardrobe is a great way to make a statement.
Contrary to popular belief, these versatile maxi dresses have multiple styling options suitable for any event, making them an easy choice for every occasion. Creativity and imagination are paramount to make heads turn with your bohemian kaftan looks.
For a fashionable boho kaftan, select the right fabric according to the event. For a relaxed look at the beach, sheer georgettes, cotton or silk are suitable, while cotton crepe are ideal for a formal gathering. These embroidered fabrics create an elegant look, ideal for a summertime event.
Select the kaftan length with care: Various lengths of kaftans are available for women to choose from, depending on the event. Spend time considering your ensemble for an stylish effect. Pick a kaftan length to suit the venue; for the office, a mid-length is professional and chic. When visiting the beach, a shorter kaftan combined with shorts provides a relaxed summer look. A shorter kaftan also functions as suitable beachwear to cover your bikini.

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