Hippie Boho Chic style clothing is an artistic flair for boldly extravagant, rampant designs and ethnic cultural designs which has been popular ever since the advent of tribal gypsies and nomadic tribes. It includes a free-spirited style of life and fashion, kaftans and loungers in and its earthy vivid printed sari wrap skirts meet in rich culture and a diversity of the human race. It was embraced by an audience who believe in innovation, revolution and creativity. The term bohemian has no definition but rather just an artwork “what you wear to look different from others."

Using sustainable and recycled fabrics is my motto, silk sari wrap skirts, handmade silk caftans, boho embroidered flowy kimono dresses, and artisan made clothing are beautiful in their feel and in step with mindful living. Keeping the focus on conscious living, staying with natural and handmade clothing.

Bohemian fashion creates culture inspired garments such as shadow work embroidered tunics and embroidered lounge kaftans, empowering tribal women and providing employment to artisans who create magic with their fingers. Handcrafted by women artisans using old dyeing techniques like block printing, bandini and kashida embroidery our maxi caftans and loungers are unique handmade gifts

Kashida embroidery is a unique form of art, carrying the true art of the beauty of the paradise state of Kashmir. The exquisite, detailed needlework that involves a single long stitch to create the intricate design was worn by the aristocrats on fine silks robe, making Kashmiri embroidery a royal statement. Pastel colors or bright jewel tones the artisans aim at merging or contrasting the thread with the base color to create a vibrant effect. Kashida embroidery motifs take inspiration from the beautiful valley of flowers and features maple leaves, lotus blooms, birds and vines.

Platinum Level Expert Author- Era Chandok

Bohemian style clothing, passionately romantic and earthy kimono kaftans, an eclectic mix of casual flair hippie pants, astonishingly handmade printed gypsy patchwork skirts, and a mix of flowy dresses with a 70s vintage style. Bohemian is an instrument of your wayfaring personality. Boho Chic recycled silk wrap skirts, fashion styles linger on curves, Loose flowy long skirts, flowy tunic tops and maxi dresses are great for festivals.
Cute bohemian skirts embellished with beaded sequins, tie dye and tribal prints, an assorted combination of colors, 2 layer wrap skirts, recycled sari wraps contrasted with a solid black halter top, unique floral printed and paisley designs create holiday outfits with a passion. Warm kaftans cozy for fall fashion, or cool cotton hippie skirts for the summer casual, soft and natural cotton fabric. It can be teamed up with different printed colorful tops like silk blouses, and tunics.
Everyone gets struck by its lovely designs and colors. Beautiful and colorful handmade patchwork skirt fabricated in cotton and rayon with varied types of patterns, assorted colors. These hippie skirts adorned with geometric and paisley designs, handmade dori and lacework give a great soulful look to the fashionista individual style. The material is truly very comfortable, ethnic, Elastic waistband with drawstring is very comfy and fits to every occasion be it dressy or casual. Flowy and lightweight colorful maxi skirts are trendy and boho chic. Nice Cozy and casual style hi low skirt dresses are a challenge to latest trends.
The bohemian fashionista wrap skirt is fabricated with silk sari which is environmentally friendly as the fabric is recycled. This skirt is reversible, versatile and contains two layers, and gives several options of styling for modern fashion-conscious women. The maxi Skirt is long, trendy and in different color patterns which make it unique. Its classical designs and print in back and front gives it a flowy and breezy feel, the Floating wrap skirt meets boho chic fashion.
Crinkle cotton maxi skirts is soft, long and comfortable and protects the skin from the sun. Crinkle maxi skirts are embellished with tribal designs and lovely color patterns.
Hippy Couture casual mini wrap skirt is garnished with elegant floral print and a great combination of varied colors gives a fabulous look. This style has been around for ages and sparked a innovation in fashion universe. The cotton patchwork wrap skirts have a Lovely texture and sweet funky patterns that are adorable. It is elaborated with exclusive ornamentation and adds many personalities on your outfit. It is very versatile and can be put up with several dresses. We all love it specifically for its uniqueness and ankle length size. It offers a long way to go for number of cute looks and is literally eye-catching in itself.
Ethnic patterns, animal prints, textured beaded cloths fit into bohemian flair. Add in beaded malas that vibrate with the chakras and you are so exotically boho.

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