Change The Look Of Your House, Change The Perspective of Others, embrace vintage eclectic decor, where the unexpected and free spirit reign! Incorporate the rustic beauty of antique carved doors and artistic vintage pieces into your design. Fuse different cultures with multidisciplinary interiors and rustic vintage furniture! Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your living space by introducing vintage eclectic decor. Create a unique atmosphere where free-spirited elements and unexpected contrasts take center stage.
Unique artistic carved barn doors and design components organically come together in a confluence of energies. Your bedroom is your love haven, and it's the ideal place to flaunt your passion. The varied pieces are brought together by an underlying color motif. The delicate and colors carved textures of Radha Krishna carved barn doors, the intricately designed headboard constructed from an antique Indian door, and the cusped entrance are used for modern artwork in vibrant colors, setting the mood and adding creative design to your bedroom. Maintain the harmonizing eclectic element by adding passionate art that inspires your feelings. Art expresses your inner spirit, and one-of-a-kind handcrafted artistic pieces in vintage styles provide sentimental value.


Mixing colors and textures is the characteristic of eclectic home decor, so be bold and as different as you wish. Contrasting materials like rustic earthy woods and shapes like the carved buffet credenza that plays with the wrought iron dining chairs matched to a Tree of Life custom made dining table. Showcase a global wanderlust flair, bohemian chic mixing with eclectic styles, the huge floor arch mirror made from an antique Indian doorway makes your interiors look bigger and wider, adding to the wantonness and unique design of your carefully curated home. Consider adding a pop of color with vibrant throw pillows or decorative accents to enhance the eclectic look of your home.

Distinctive artistic elements come together naturally. Your bedroom is your private sanctuary, and the perfect space to showcase your passion. An underlying cohesive color theme brings the artistic elements together. Harmony in color works with the subtle hues and carved textures of mandala carved barn doors, the intricate detailed headboard created from an antique Indian door, setting the mood and creative design to your bedroom. Add vintage carved art that evokes your emotions and maintains the harmonious element. Art reflects your inner spirit and unique handmade artistic creations in mindful designs, bring in the sentimental values.

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