Stories of Antique Indian Doors

 Without question, some of the most striking antique doors in the world come from India. We’re going to delve a tad into the fascinating significance of some of their artistry. Antique doors are constructed from densewoods, which has retained their shape and dimensions after centuries of use. The rustic Indian doors were intricately carved and constructed based on traditional techniques. We offer custom doors for both indoors and outdoors in a variety of sizes and patterns. The doors add a unique value to a house and attract everyone's attention. Many of Mogulinterior doors are installed in homes, hotels, resorts, yoga studios and gardens.

The Influences of Design

Barndoors have come a long way from being just a sturdy barrier to anything undesired; a wooden wall that keeps anything and anybody unpleasant from intruding on the peace and quiet of your home to something that can speak volumes about your interior design taste, aesthetic sense, and personal style. Aside from redesigning furniture, drapes, and carpeting, the current interior design trend is 'the perfect choice of doors.'

Carvings and meanings

One of the main features often seen on Hindu-influenced exterior door design would be the deity “Ganesha”. The Hindu god and remover of obstacles is often seen carved into the header of the doorframe. “Ganesh” is easily recognizable by his elephant head. “Ganesh” is also the patron of arts and sciences, the deva of intellect and wisdom, and the God of beginnings.

On many of these carvings you may notice “Ganesh” riding on top of a rat. The rat is the symbol of human senses in the Hindu faith, which are never satisfied. “Ganesh” rides the rat to keep it under control, to quell the never-ending yearnings.

The common use of reclaimed wood on these barn doors brings its characteristic hardness. Aged and weathered the patina and look of these doors can be breathtaking.

Traditional Indian Doors Through a Window

Indian Doors in the Traditional Style

Interior design trends change over time, depending on people's preferences and subjective perspectives. The most recent trend to hit your homes and linger for a long time is a fondness for traditional Indian doors. The enthusiasm for all things antique is here to stay, from vintage cars to vintage clothes.
Browse our collection of Antique Doors 'Traditional Indian Doors' to make a lasting impression and to welcome wonderful feelings.

Aesthetic Appeal

It wouldn't be inaccurate to state that doors are the first item that catches the eye. Just by looking at your entrance, guests make a lot of assumptions about you and your home. Never underestimate the importance of a well-designed door. Make a statement with a truly royal antique door, which can give an otherwise modest home more design power. The barndoors' opulence will also offer a touch of royalty to your contemporary home.
The opulence that will emanate from the carved Indian door will undoubtedly make a stunning statement. Any interior designer's dream come true is the tree of life doors. There is a plethora of mindful carved doors to be found. From ornate doors to doors with antique carvings, handcrafted trims, and molding's, you name it, and you'll find it all at "Mogulinterior".

Strong And Long-Lasting Combination

The ideal door for your home should not only be externally appealing but also functionally sound and long-lasting. A flimsy or weak door will just make a burglar's work easier by inviting him in. The dynamic character of doors rests in their ability to draw in your loved ones while excluding unwelcome visitors. An excellent door is one that is dependable and long-lasting.
The carved doors at Mogulinterior are expertly crafted from Indian Teak or the best available reclaimed natural hardwood. The wood, which is known for its beauty and strength, not only provides much-needed refinement to your home, but it also makes it a safe refuge where you can live worry-free. The sturdiness of such doors allows them to withstand any climatic condition or combat situation.


Are you tired of putting in the effort to find that one door that leads to everything? When it comes to trustworthiness, 'Mogulinterior' is the best option. All of its doors are guaranteed to be sourced from India, primarily from India, a country recognized for its rich culture, heritage, and aristocracy. In the past, many of the doors we have adorned temples, lavish Mahals, and large houses.
The doors talk about the importance of being made of Indian Teak and the finest local timbers. They are as rich and antique as the breadth of Indian Heritage and correctly speak of Medieval Indian Times. Our crew, who hails from India's interiors, works diligently to recreate the tradition and infuse your modern or rustic home with an Indian character.


The presentation of unusual and ancient designs adds to the distinctive qualities of 'Mogulinterior,' making it one of a kind. Doors have such a diverse design that they may be transformed into solid tables, bar cabinets, bedheads, dining tables, wall shelves, dressing tables, a chest, and much more-your imagination is the limit.
The doors' designs are heavily influenced by the awe-inspiring Indian culture. Their worth is enhanced by the influence of Hindu, Mughal, and Western culture. Each door has a unique Story to tell. Everything from latticework to basic planking is available, as are the colors, which range from monochromatic to various colors, and the motifs, which range from historical events to creative carvings.

Your desire to purchase traditional Indian doors grows stronger.

At Mogulinterior, you can get your thirst satiated.

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