Embracing the '90s vibe and incorporating light grunge makeup into your look can be a fun and nostalgic style choice. Cooler tones like gray, taupe, or mauve and smudged eyeliner with a few coats of mascara make your eyes pop.Opt for a matte lipstick or lip stain in a muted, cool-toned shade like mauve, dusty rose, or deep berry. Natural-looking, lightly filled and add a touch of shimmer on the inner corners of your eyes for a hint of '90s glam.
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Choose a kaftan with '90s-inspired embroidery or patterns. Look for floral, geometric, or tribal designs. The long kimono kaftans with embroidery in jewel tones, or the earthy and muted color palettes that were popular in the '90s, like olive green, rust, or deep blues. The silk kaftans slow gently and caress your curves. the patchwork kaftans are so Frankie styled that Accessorize with chunky statement jewelry such as gemstone malas,chokers or oversized earrings to complete the retro look.Consider pairing the kaftan with some platform shoes or combat boots, which were iconic footwear choices in the '90s.
For hair, you can go for loose, beachy waves or add a few messy braids for that effortless grunge style.Accessories like layered necklaces, bandanas, and oversized sunglasses can add an extra '90s flair to your look.
Embracing the '90s vibe, Embroidered Kaftans
Embrace the carefree and rebellious spirit of the '90s grunge era by carrying yourself with confidence. The grunge style was all about individuality and non-conformity.Have fun embracing the '90s vibe with light grunge makeup and retro embroidered kaftans!

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