For over twenty years Mogulinterior has shared its passion for the love of old world architecture knowing that each antique architectural artifact that passes through its hands is on it’s way to a unique place, a home where it will be loved for its classical and whimsical character. Embrace the journey of antiquity with Mogulinterior, where each architectural Indian Door finds its destined home filled with love and admiration for its eclectic charm.

Mixing colors and textures is the epitome of eclectic home decor, so be as bold and as different as you wish. Contrasting materials like rustic earthy woods and shapes like the extravagant buffet credenza that plays with the wrought iron dining chairs matched to a Tree of Life custom made dining table. Showcase a global flair, shabby chic mixing with bohemian eclectic styles, the huge floor mirror made from an antique Indo Spanish arch makes your interiors look bigger and wider, adding to the wantonness and unique design of your carefully curated home. Embrace the chaos of creativity and let your imagination run wild! Mix and match like there's no tomorrow, creating a whimsical wonderland of style.

Distinctive vintage carved artistic elements come together naturally in a kaleidoscope of wanton bohemian decor. Your bedroom is your sacred love sanctuary, and the perfect space to showcase your passion. An underlying color theme brings the spectacular eclectic elements together. Harmony in color works with the subtle hues and carved textures of Buddha carved barn doors, the intricate detailed headboard created from an antique Indian archway, the cusped opening used for modern artwork in vivid colors, sets the mood and creates statement design for your bedroom. Add passionate art, lovers embracing, that evokes your emotions and maintains the beauteous eclectic element. Art reflects your inner spirit and unique handmade artistic door creations in old world designs, bring in the emotional values.

Beautifully hand crafted doors and panels with patinas that are so warm and rugged, transform a home, infusing it with character and timeless beauty . Mogulinterior is a place for you where that tradition is brought to an art. Its not a door, not a carving but art it is. It surrounds you with the energy it emanates and helps celebrate life and work, inspires memories and romance. Explore our collection of handcrafted doors and panels, each with unique patinas that add warmth and character to any home. Mogulinterior is your destination for bringing tradition to life through artistry.
A single antiquity changes dull interiors into vibrant decor. Some of the top designers and celebrities shop at our store, cause we are unique and the only one its kind. Mogulinterior offers a wide range of antique carved furniture from India. Traditional Indian antique doors with old world carvings as well as tribal ethnic designs exemplify the colors of life with their uniqueness and simplicity. Explore our collection of antique carved door from India and discover how a single piece can transform your space into a vibrant oasis of design.
Hand carved and embedded with the principles of "Vaastu" Indian Furniture is rooted to its originality and reflects the passion of creativity of the artisans.
Vintage rustic reclaimed woods are used to create sideboards and mirrors, keeping the uniqueness of the aged patinas intact
An elaborate headboard created from an antique India door, an artist uses their creativity in beautiful and eclectic decor style. Old door coffee tables and Banjara embroidered fabrics are used to bring in color and are in sync with the conscious minded individuals who honor Mother Earth and know its value. The eclectic decor style of this headboard is as unique as a unicorn in a field of horses! Who knew an antique India door could be so versatile?
Dancing Shiva, the lord of dance, He is the inspiration behind the famous and classical style of dancing called Bharat Natyam. Discover the divine inspiration of Dancing Shiva Panel, the eminent lord of dance who reigns over the classical artistry of Bharat Natyam.
An antique South Indian teak door adorns the entrance of a luxurious home on the Blue Mountain, North Carolina. The intricately carved details of the old indian door evoke a sense of history and grandeur, reminiscent of a bygone era.
The Jaipur panel door with its extravagant carvings and rustic patina, installed in perfection, plays with the Saraswati and the embellished tapestry gives its pink hues an added dimension. The intricate details of the carved panel door evoke a sense of opulence and refinement, while the rustic patina adds a touch of antique charm.

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