Dinner time is when families come together to share their daily happenning with love and laughter, and when dinner happens over a rustic farmhouse table, the warm woods are so beautiful and cozy. Farmhouse tables bring a a touch of warmth with their aged patinas and subtle hues. Let's explore different designs and styles of farmhouse tables and how you can use them with urban, modern interior or in your coastal beach house. 

Rustic Farmhouse Table? Vintage Farmhouse Table? What are they?
A rustic farmhouse table is a made from recalimed wood and carries a distinct style and design. They feature thick column or pillar legs and a large flat rugged top, such that serves a large group of people. 

A vintage farmhouse table is made from old doors ,windows & architectural remnants and each is unique in its own character so really there is none other like it.

Rustic wood furniture make you feel like you’re working with elements of nature to create a cohesive home that is balanced. The console tables make your hallway look earthy yet add a classic touch.
What makes Farmhouse Tables practical ?
Farmhouse coffee tables feature a square or rectangular top, some have a step where you can insert a glass top, the carved column legs or the corbel legs give them their distinct character. The aged wood has vivid patinas of blue or wome are whitewashed, giving the table an aged look and old world texture. The simple design makes it easy to incorporate cushions and slouchy charis so as to use them as coffee tables or chai tables.

Characteristics of a Farmhouse Table.
The farmhouse dining tables, coffee tables are handmade made with a solid reclaimed wood which are quite heavy.This makes the farmhouse tables sturdy and stable and they last long as well. The rustic rugged wood textures means that the more they are used, it adds to the character of the table. Turned legs or ornately carved pillar legs are seen with the takht or flat top tables.
Farmhouse tables are practical and their spacious surface make them ideal for coffee table, occasional tables, living room tables, accent tables or statement tables.

Custom Tables
The large carved panels, antique door panels at Mogul Interior can be customized into dining tables or coffee tables that are unique and one of a kind. The Tree of life or Tribal carved panel make a great dining table.
Mogul Interior carries a huge inventory of Old doors, vintage Indian door panels that are so beautiful and unique and would make great dining tables. Come check our inventry and call us today to create your designer styled dining table.

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